Options for Hosting a Website

You landed here because you want to know different options for hosting a website. If you want to start building your own website or launch your web application or web-based project, then you must be able to choose the right hosting plan for you. You have to consider your needs, project and requirements in order to choose the best option for hosting your website.

Basically, there are three popular options for hosting a website. They are Shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Let us tackle some of them.

Shared Hosting Service

This is the basic form of hosting service and is usually the cheapest option that you can get from most hosting service providers. It provides you with a basic control over your server space, allowing you to install CMS, deploy web applications made from PHP, Ruby, Python, ASP.net and Java. Shared hosting services works perfect for low traffic websites or those websites with mostly static contents like personal blogs, landing pages or a web app with a single or two pages running.

Shared hosting services uses a single machine with hundreds of websites sharing across its resources.

This is also the ideal hosting solution for those who wants to get starting in learning the basics of web hosting, web development, FTP and many other server related things.

VPS Hosting Service

This is usually the next level hosting for those who needs more resources and performance for their website. VPS stands for virtual private server and is the borderline between shared hosting and dedicated server. In other words, VPS hosting is a shared hosting with dedicated server features.

If shared hosting is using shared resources, VPS hosting is the same, except that every user has a fixed amount or “equal” amount of resources. However, these resources aren’t the best for enterprise level applications and websites but they are proven efficient for high traffic blogs, forums or similar high traffic, high profile websites that uses a lot of web applications, scripts and processes.

Dedicated Server Hosting

This is the most common hosting option for those seeking to unleash the power of their web application. A dedicated server is a single server machine rented to you by a hosting company. You can choose from three options, from unmanaged, partially managed and fully managed options.

On an unmanaged dedicated server, you are in charge of installing all software that you’ll need. From PHP, Ruby, etc. to security programs like antivirus, firewall rules, server, database and more. On a partially managed dedicated server, most of the essential software are taken care of you and you have the option to add additional software, configure root settings and more. While a fully managed dedicated server is like shared hosting where everything is setup and the hosting company makes sure that your server will have the least amount of downtime possible and all you need to do is to deploy your project, website or web application and worry nothing about anything else but your own project.